Notes from a small dog ~ Who ate the garden (and the prawns…)?

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It’s about time. She does hog this thing, doesn’t she? It is ages since she’s let me write anything. Mind you, it has been waaay to hot to do anything except flop, chase balls and keep the garden free of cows and pigeons.

You’d think that would be a good thing, being summer and all, but you try this heat wearing a fur coat… and a black one at that! And that’s not all… something ate my garden!

She doesn’t like letting me play out in it any more. Not that she keeps me in exactly…which is just as well ’cause the cool concrete about midnight is the only place to sleep…but the ball-throwing is now limited to the pathway… that’s the only thing that hasn’t been eaten. Apparently, it is natural… but I’m not so sure…

The sun ate my grass.

At first, I thought we’d had a stray…

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