Accident prone…

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

Today I kicked the bucket
(And for all my US friends,
This is a euphemism
For the point at which life ends).

It wasn’t done on purpose…
Just a half-bipedal fail,
As I got out of the shower
And the toe encounter pail.

I may have squealed a little,
Or perhaps I may have cursed,
But thinking little of it
Thought the pail had come of worst.

It wasn’t till much later,
When the face and hair were done,
That I noticed to my horror
That the pail had fairly won.

As I glanced down I noted
Pooling red around my toe
Suggesting it had been somewhere
Where no toe ought to go.

The nail was looking iffy,
Blood was oozing cherry-red,
It hadn’t started hurting,
But it would…take that as read.

So, did I grab the first aid kit
And seek to stem the flow?
And wrap it up…

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