A Thousand Miles of History X: Mist and mystery

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

It took us about an hour to drive the twenty-odd miles from Brentor to the Cornish village of Minions on Bodmin moor. There were two sites that we wanted to visit, both of them on the Michael Line, the ley that crosses the country from toe to rump. The girls were amused by the name of the village and by the sheep that occupied prime position in the middle of the road, showing little inclination to move for something as unremarkable as traffic.

We lost Alethea and Larissa almost as soon as we had parked the car on the edge of the moor as they went off to explore the stones of the Hurlers.  They disappeared into the mist that shrouded the moor and that was fine… we would find them later and meanwhile we too needed to explore.

Bodmin Moor is littered with archaeology, both ancient and modern. The…

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