Loneliness and Being Alone

Stevie Turner

I found this question on Quora that was just aching to be answered:

As you get older, do you get better at being alone?

I suppose I had a head start on coping with being alone, because I was an only child.  Yes, I had a few chosen friends that I played with most days, but inside the house there was just myself and my parents.  Dad would play Chess with me sometimes, or we might do some painting or jigsaws, but I never needed much entertaining as I more often than not was writing stories or had my nose in a book.  Being alone did not worry me unduly as a child, and anyway I tended towards being anti-social and introverted and preferred to observe from the outside instead of being ‘in with the in crowd’.  I am still this way today.

During school holidays it was normal for…

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