#London Part 2— Art, Date Syrup, or Brexit Revenge? #humor #travel

Barb Taub

After the hell train, the rest of my London trip went smoothly (by my usual standards, anyway). I took a bazillion pictures of Grandchild#1 which might, occasionally, include a few accidental shots of one of her parents in passing. (I know, I know… GC1 was so not impressed either.)

While she was at preschool, I did what every card-carrying OAP* London visitor does after they’ve seen St. Pauls and the British Museum, and of course, not gone on the Eye.**  I went to the Claude Monet exhibit at the National Gallery. Since the museum is in Trafalgar Square, the first step was to gawk at the sculpture du jour on the famously empty Fourth Plinth.

*[OAP=Old Age Pensioner. UK code for geezer. Shudder.]

**[No, I did NOT hang around Daniel Craig’s house in case he needs…anything. At all. Well, not for all that long anyway.]


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