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My son’s picture of the hot tub from hell

If I say that I spent the day in a hot tub, does that conjure for you an image of decadence, pampering and relaxation? Do you think of lazing beneath the sunlit blue of a warm spring sky, champagne, perhaps, in hand?

Or perhaps the aching body is allowed to bask blissfully in the warm and healing fragrant steam, washing away the stiffness, gently massaging the tension and soothing a tired frame?

A tempting image…. but think again.

“I’m going to get the hot tub back in service, Mum.”  This ‘I’ business was purely rhetorical… we both knew what that meant. Groans from the house hobbit….this thing is the size of my bathroom.

I shouldn’t complain. It has been decommissioned for a long time now and I have been able to ignore the thing. It was originally installed to serve a…

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