New Broom/New Secrets

Freshly edited and with a brand new cover, we are proud to present the new version of Secrets.


and some are about the truth about someone who is already dead.

A mother must find the truth before the secrets destroy her family…”


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Excerpt from Secrets…

Maggie sat in her car in the hospital car park for ten minutes, staring out of the window into the darkness before starting the engine. It had been raining and she had to turn on the wipers to clear away the raindrops. Tears from heaven, she thought with deliberate melodrama; to mark the passing of another soul.

Keeping her speed down to twenty miles an hour, she felt the cold hand of death only yards behind her. She didn’t want to be its next victim, with the roads all wet and greasy in places it was all too easy to be in a hurry to meet deaths embrace. Not tonight, Maggie told herself, not tonight.

She caught every red light from the hospital to Wimbledon and the rain had started again, heavier now. She pushed the lever to increase the speed of the wipers. The lights changed to amber and she wiped away the tears that kept sliding down her face with the back of her hand.

She was almost home and felt a great need to throw herself into Jack’s arms and let the river swelling up inside burst the dam.

Pulling into the driveway, she cut the engine without stopping the wipers. They stuck halfway up the windscreen and the rain quickly filled in the clear half-moons on the glass. She left them that way and searched in her bag for the door key before leaving the car.

The hall light was still on the way she had left it, but now every other light in the house was burning. Jack must be awake, but what was he doing? Please, no more shocks, she whispered. Locking the car, she stood too long hesitating and was soaked to the skin before she finally opened the front door and called for Jack, listening at the same time.

The house was quiet, Jack didn’t answer.

She closed the door gently just in case he had gone back to sleep and missed the comforting sound of the gentle slamming behind her. He must have woken up and wandered about, she thought, hanging her keys on the rack. She moved towards the living room.

Glancing up the stairs in alarm, she saw that a pair of Jack’s trousers had caught on the bannisters and dangled, sadly out of place.  Burglars were her first thought.

Moving slowly back to the coat stand she lifted her umbrella and held it out in front of her like a club, not daring to call out again for Jack.

She crept along the hall, sliding around the half-open living room door. Holding her breath she glanced quickly around the room, letting it out slowly when she realised that no one was hiding in there. The room had been ransacked. The coffee table lay on its side, her beautiful Chinese lamps hung from their wires. Luckily, they didn’t look broken. Every cupboard and drawer had been left open, the contents thrown across the floor.

She found the same carnage in the kitchen, but at least they had left the plate cupboard intact. She found the same scene in Jack’s study but her studio was untouched. There was nothing in there worth stealing.

Maggie almost let that thought whisper past her lips as she made her way back to the hallway. Looking up the stairs, she could feel her courage slipping away, maybe she should call the police now, but there was no sign of a forced entry and the idea of a burglar still being in the house didn’t feel right. Maybe it was Danny, she thought. Maybe he had slipped out without Cathy noticing. She shook her head to confirm the ‘don’t be daft’ thought and made her way slowly up the stairs, being careful to avoid the one that creaked.

Danny’s room was in the same mess. His toys, books, even his small box of special things were scattered all over the place.

She avoided the bathroom; a burglar wouldn’t bother to go in there, that left only their room. The cupboard on the landing hadn’t been spared either, clean sheets and towels lay everywhere.

Maggie half expected to see Jack still asleep on the bed, she had heard it on the news many times of people being robbed while they slept. Pushing open the door with her foot, she slowly walked into the room. Jack wasn’t there. She froze as the boards in the attic suddenly creaked above her head.

The entire contents of their wardrobe lay half on the bed and across the floor, every drawer had been emptied. The second creak above her head made her realise it wasn’t just the house settling, there was someone up there…

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  1. Lovely new cover, scary excerpt! Am heading over to grab this one, for sure. And wishing you most EXCELLENT good luck with the sale! 🙂 <3

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