‘When will we three meet again…?’

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

My friend had a bit of a nightmare getting to my village from the Czech Republic, what with delayed planes, a broken Underground and a lack of taxis at the very last hurdle…but arrive he did, in the early hours of the morning, instead of the evening, and headed to his hotel, agreeing that we would meet the next morning. Me, though, I had to go to work regardless. By the time I got home, Gary had wandered down to my home, Ani had already trained him in the niceties of ball-throwing and the right place to scratch her back, and he and Stuart were well on their way to being friends.

For the first few minutes, things felt a little weird…  Gary is someone with whom I talk with the ease of long friendship, yet he is also a person I had met only once before, and that…

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