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Barb Taub

You can ride out the heatwave like James Simon on his $100 million super yacht this week (in Brodick Harbour, Arran Scotland) or…

It was late when I got the call saying my daughter in London was ill and needed granny help with the two-year-old. Luckily, our wonderful local kennel allowed me to bring the dog straight over so I could catch the early boat off the island next morning.

The Scotland summer calculus: keep doors and windows closed (death by steam) or open them (death by midge)?

We were in week three of the heatwave that had us sweltering even on our little island off the coast of Scotland. Yes, it’s true that in general Scots are a tough and hardy breed. Over the centuries, they’ve withstood Vikings, the English, cold wet winters where daylight lasts about four hours, and people who try to spell whisky with an “e”…

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