Almost Hidden Free Amazon Book Promotion Kindle Previewer Tool – by Derek Haines…

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on Just Publishing Advice:

If you are promoting ebooks, you will know that it takes a potential reader a number of clicks to get from a book link on your author website or blog, before finally making it through to the Look Inside feature on your Amazon book page.

That’s if they bother to click the cover on Amazon to find the Look Inside preview read. Even if they do, the table of contents and credits can sometimes take up half of the preview read.

Many authors know that getting someone to click a book link is the first hurdle. But wouldn’t it be fantastic if your potential book buyer was taken immediately from your cover image on your website, to your book’s Look Inside preview? And also, directly to chapter one. It would certainly help your book sales.

Well, now you can do this now with a clever book marketing tool from…

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