Open Book Blog Hop – July 2nd

Stevie Turner

This week the topic is:

What skills do you have that would make you useful in the medieval time period and/or would get you condemned as a witch?

I have no other skills that would serve me well in that time period other than I am clair-sentient, so I would have probably been labelled a witch and drowned in a ducking stool or suchlike!

From an early age I saw ghosts in the flat where I lived as a child.  The little bed I laid in would shake violently and I’d dive under the bedclothes until the shaking stopped.  Sometimes Mum would see the imprint of a body on the bedspread during the day when I was at school.  However, I never thought to tell her about the shaking, as I was only about 6 or 7 and thought it was ‘normal’.  As I grew older and we moved house…

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