Basic Plots: Quest

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Ciao, SEers. Today we’re going to discuss our fifth of the Seven Basic Plots as defined by Christopher Booker. If you’ve missed the others, you can find them here: Rebirth, Tragedy, Comedy, and Voyage and Return.

Today’s post covers the basic plot type: Quest.

The Quest is a familiar plot type. It shows our hero (and friends) taking a journey to a far-off place in order to achieve an object or a goal. There must be many dangers along the way (it wouldn’t be much of a quest if the goal was easy to attain), but ultimately, victory is achieved.

The Quest, unlike the Voyage and Return, always ends with the hero achieving his goal, even if it takes the scope of several books or movies to do so. (It’s worth noting that achieving a goal DOES NOT necessarily equate to a happy, or…

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