Smorgasbord Reblog – The art of Persuasion #Photoshop #Bookcovers by Paul Andruss

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Last week in his post on Smorgasbord, Paul Andruss, explored book covers and their need to appeal and engage with readers, as much as the content of the book. He used Persuasion by Jane Austen as an example and created a new cover to illustrate a different approach in catching the eye and selling more books.

There were a great deal of comments about how he created this image and also the gif of my books that he kindly shared.

He promised to post a couple of articles on his own blog and here is the first part of the tutorial on how to use Photoshop effectively.. Here is the usual snippet and the link to continue the tutorial over at Paul’s place.

The tutorial covers loading images, using tools to cut out the parts you want; resizing & piecing them together as digital collage.

Yes, it is technical.


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