A Short-cut

Stevie Turner

So there I was yesterday with stiff quads due to not usually climbing up hills in the flatlands of Suffolk (there aren’t any!).  Sam mentioned a footpath / bridleway near to the entrance of our holiday park that seemed on the level, and so I agreed to meander down there with him and discover where it led to.

To start with all I could see were horse droppings festering in the afternoon sun, but as we walked on further the road dipped downwards and the old quads started complaining again.  However, there appeared before my eyes what I could only describe as  ‘Millionaire’s Row’ – superb houses, some with swimming pools, in spacious grounds tucked away in a private lane leading to Seagrove Bay, a small beach that we hadn’t known was there.

We sat for a while on a bench facing the sea.  Sam, as usual, wanted to explore…

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