NWD 2018

The Bingergread Cottage

I have a notoriously bad memory and live on reminder notes and lists. My friends on Twitter tell me that this is National Writing Day so I should try to hang onto that fact.

So – number One, while keeping up with my nursing and caring duties I must leave reminders all over the shop so I don’t forget!

Waddling from the main bedroom downstairs across to the bathroom to empty his pee-bottle I was tempted to dip in a finger and leave NWD on the mirror but even I am not that bad. However I did notice that the mirrors were filthy and made a mental note to clean them, old- style with vinegar, newspaper and a soft cloth.

While giving my patient his subcutaneous injection in the tummy I was tempted to leave tiny bruises in the shape of the word RITE but then realised that with any…

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