Guest post: Jim Webster – A Measured Response… Episode 6

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Benor is back!
I know, I know they always say, start with a big hit. Except Benor’s never really gone away, I’ve just not published any stories about him since April 2017. Yes I admit it’s too long, but if he has a life, why can’t I?
OK, let’s start again.
Benor is back! And this time he’s slightly older but still as charming as ever, and might possibly be a little more cynical than he was.
I’m not selling this am I?
Let’s try another tack.
Benor is back! After the first critically acclaimed collection of the ‘Port Naain Intelligencer’ novellas, by popular demand a second collection is on its way!
Better? Actually I thought the ‘critically acclaimed’ was a nice touch.
But anyway I’ve just published, ‘A licence to print money: The Port Naain Intelligencer.’ It’s available on Amazon.
In it, Benor, who just wants to get…

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