42 Post Ideas for Bookbloggers


I know that sitting staring at a blank screen can be a pretty daunting thing. We’ve all sat there staring at the flashing cursor mocking you. But it doesn’t have to.

Sometimes you just need a bit of inspiration, a little giddy-up in the creative department of your brain. Within this post I’ll give you a few ideas for your next blog post, or, if you really like them, your next month could be planned out in the next hour!

So castaway that can’t-write-a-thing-itis with these 42 post ideas for Bookbloggers.

  1. Post a popular opinion that you have, and why. For example, everyone loves Harry Potter but why do you, in particular, think he’s the best thing since sliced bread?
  2. Do you have any unpopular opinions? For example, do you think Tolkien can’t write or Harry Potter sucks? Unpopular opinions are always a great way to start a debate…

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