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I’m a guest of Marcia Meara today, on her #ShareAReviewDay series. Marcia’s blog is an eclectic mix of supportive, informative, and entertaining posts. If you’re not familiar with Marcia (and even if you are!), you’re in for a treat. Please visit her blog to comment, and share from there. My thanks to Marcia for hosting me, and to you for stopping by ❤️


#ShareAReviewDay – Vampyrie by Tina Frisco

This morning, I’d like to welcome Tina Frisco, who is sharing a review of her book, Vampyrie. I hope you enjoy checking out the review, and sharing on social media. Thanks so much!

on January 14, 2018

I never participated in the vampire reading craze that took over the fantasy genre after the successes of the famous books, “Twilight” or “Interview with the Vampire.” There was…

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