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This week Paul shares some of the most beautiful Irises to adorn your garden. Don’t forget that Paul is only too delighted to ask your gardening questions…. please leave in the comments.

Parkers Bulbs

Iris was not a goddess but one of the titans- giants that ruled before the gods. According to Homer’s Illiad she was the gods’ messenger, flying between Mount Olympus and earth on the rainbow.

Iris by Yorkshire Victorian artist John Atkinson Grimshaw

You would think someone using the rainbow for transport would have bright iridescent wings to catch the sunlight and cast it back in a myriad of colours. But Iris’ wings were golden. The glorious rainbow wings you would expect to be hers by right belonged to her sister Arke – the second faint arc of the double rainbow.

During the war in heaven when the titans and gods fought for supremacy, Iris chose to…

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