Finding the Silver Lining

Stevie Turner

Is there any truth about that old wives’ tale of finding a silver lining in even the most adverse of situations?  It seems as though some kind of unseen force has come to my aid again…

When I first went back to work nearly a year ago after my radiotherapy treatment, I could have ended up in any department as I am what is known as a ‘bank’ medical secretary.  I cover for staff shortages, holidays and sickness.  It so happens that I seem to be permanently attached to the Eye Treatment Centre, and what a boon it has been for me!

When you have had as much radiotherapy as I’ve had, there are always side effects that you have to live with.  Over time these increase, and one of the many side-effects is dry, burning eyes that are sometimes watery due to a ‘poor tear film’.

I began typing…

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