Smorgasbord Health Columns – Alternative Healing Therapies – The Alexander Technique – Part One – #Backpain #Headaches #Posture

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I am nearly six foot tall and I was tall as a child. I towered above my primary school friends and my temptation was to slouch. However, when I was seven I was enrolled in ballet classes at my school in Malta. There was a fierce, elderly French ballet teacher (she was probably only 50!) But to us she was appeared to be a witch with a stick that used to tap in time to the music and be raised in frustration at the tubby attempts at grace by her pupils.

Two things that I took from those ballet classes over the next year or so, were to stand tall and correctly and to do the splits.  The second physical talent came about with a little assistance from ‘Madame’… We had done our barre work for the session and then she told us that we needed to be more flexible…

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