The asymmetric small dog (or half a job well done…)

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

We all know the saga of Ani’s ablutions,
How often I’ve tried, and run out of solutions,
When dog into bathtub‘s a futile equation
Regardless of bribery, guile or persuasion.

A bath was required, I needed an answer,
‘Cause all on my own, I did not want to chance her
Cavorting all wet over sofa and bedding,
But bathe her I must, ’cause she’s hairy and shedding.

There’s no putting off with a whimsical ‘one day’,
I thought to myself, I would do it on Monday,
When after a weekend away I’d be rested,
Refreshed and renewed, I just might not be bested.

So I packed her bag, she went for the duration
To play with her friends, an ideal situation,
I know she is cared for, there’s no cause to worry,
She’s happy and safe and I don’t need to hurry.

While I was away, a text…

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