To err is human, but… #humor #computer #crash #ThrowbackThursday

Barb Taub

NOTE: I wrote this decades ago, but surprisingly little has changed…

To err is human, to forgive is divine…but this does not make it desirable to make as many errors as possible.—Roger Williams, 1603 – 1683) Puritan minister and founder of the Colony of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations

To err is human, to really mess things up requires a computer.
— Paul Ehrlich, in “The Farmers Almanac, 1978…

To foul things up requires Windows™, but to totally f**k up requires the root password.—Computer Guy looking at my computer

In the old days, everyone knew how to get on the good side of the Fates. You would just put up an altar and sacrifice the odd chicken, goat, or teenage (preferably virgin) girl. With the possible exception of the sacrificees and teenage boys, everyone was satisfied with this arrangement. Not only were the fates appeased, but you didn’t have to…

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