The dreaded MOT…

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It is that time of year that all motorist’s dread
When the car needs a new MOT,
When you worry in case the old girl’s nearly dead…
And she surely won’t get off scot-free.

So you drop it off down at the garage at dawn
On the chance that they might get it done,
Take a taxi to work, and then nibble your nails,
‘Cause the wait for the verdict’s no fun.

“Want the good news or bad?” says the guy on the phone,
As he passes the sentence of death,
“She has failed, but we could do the work that she needs,”
You can just hear the intake of breath…

“It’ll cost you a bit, but she’s not a bad car,
We might even get to her tomorrow…”
You reply with a ‘please’, as you total the cost,
Wondering if you should beg, steal or borrow…

That night…

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