Why I Dislike The 10k Word Stage When Writing A First Draft #MondayBlogs #Writers


In my experience the 10k word stage of a first draft is both a strange and challenging time.

For my stories, reaching 10k words is like entering the Bermuda Triangle, some come out the other side, some take a completely new course and some are…never seen again. 

Over the years I have come to fear the 10k word stage. Things never go to plan and for me there is always some sort of creative heartbreak. As my word counter clocks 9,500 the new characters of my first draft will be casting me worried glances (they will have listened to the rumours from my other characters about the dreaded ten thousand word stage), my heart will be pounding and dark shadows will have started racing across the walls.

I would rather battle through the fictional wasteland of 20k words, struggle through the plot quicksands found at 40k and endure the…

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