Pippa and the local cats…

Alienora's Anthology


Cat: Predator. Rabbit: Prey.


Skewed, methinks!


Pippa (for those new to these annals) is my son’s Californian rabbit, a fine figure of a small dog and a real character. Brief summary: found wandering in Wrington Woods, back in June 2015, and taken to Woodview Kennels, she first came to my notice when the Lad and I drove up there, prior to our trip to Crete, in order to bung Jumble (our lovely old border collie, who died last year) into kennels.

‘Would you like a rabbit?’ we were asked.

Making the usual, ‘No thanks; I am mainly vegetarian these days!’ quip, I did then say, ‘We’ll have a gander at Exhibit B when we get back!’

And, sure enough, the day after our return, tanned and stuffed to the gunwales with Cretan food, dancing, scenic drives and plunges into warm sea, we drove up to collect the hound…

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