Stevie Turner

This writing books malarkey is okay, but then you have to market the buggers.

That said, I’m going to give Phil Huston a shout-out, because he has galvanised me into action regarding taking my books off KDP Select.  When I recently advertised a KDP Select book for free,  I didn’t realise (until Phil told me) that only KDP Select members could receive free copies.  Also, in these money-saving times, it has caused me to wonder how many people might have cancelled their KDP Select subscription.

Sales of my books are half of what they were a couple of years’ ago before I joined KDP Select.  It’s not working for me, and so I’ve decided it’s time to add them to more outlets and not just the ‘Zon.

I’ve been getting my books professionally formatted by Caleb’s Book Formatting Service  Caleb is doing a sterling job, and suggested Draft2Digital as a…

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