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Smorgasbord Blog Magazine

Welcome to the Gardening Column with our green fingered expert Paul Andruss and today he is sharing his recommendations for late spring bulbs.

Light up your life with brilliant late spring bulbs

From March onwards bulb flowers get bigger and more spectacular.

As some of these bulbs are too late for this year, you have plenty of time to buy them for next spring.

Trillium (American Meadows)

Shade and damp loving Trilliums grow in woodland from North American to East Asia. They come in shades of red and white three-petal flowers. They are expensive to buy as they grow slowly. You are better buying a couple of adult plants rather than seeds. In fact I recommend that for all bulbs and tubers as they take years to get going.

(Parker bulbs)

Snakehead Lilies or Fritilleria like damp places too. These elegant nodding bells have Checker-board patterns in brown and maroon…

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