Writing Tip #8 – The Importance of Structure

Writing, Work and Wine

Hello my lovelies,

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It’s already time for the next post; time is just flying by! So, if you read writing tip # 5 on Plotters vs Pantsters and you are a complete plotter, then you may have structured your book already. If you haven’t, but read and put writing tips #6 and #7 into action and now know your story/plot, characters and conflicts – it’s time to think about this.

Structure is so crucial to your book, and getting the right one can be the difference between a mediocre novel and an amazing one. The structure is how you tell your story. The reason I tackle it here rather than in earlier posts is because until I know my plot, characters and conflicts, I can’t decide which structure is right for any particular book.  In other words, if I were to…

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