A sea of Maize and the full moon.

Jim Webster


You can tell that it’s spring. They’re planting maize, and round here a lot of it is planted under ‘plastic’.

It can be a little disconcerting, when you look across a field from a distance it looks in some cases as if the tide has come in a little far, it’s the same colour as the sea!

So why do it? Maize needs warm ground. I remember an American telling me that he’d got some land attached to his farmhouse. He had a proper job and didn’t farm as such. Not only that, but there was too little land to support a family even if he did want to farm it.

Still, he worked with a neighbouring farmer and effectively used him as a contractor. It meant that the neighbouring farmer could spread his costs across more land, and the chap who was talking to me still made some profit…

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