A Parent’s Survival Guide to Revision and Exams #GCSE #ParentingTips #Humour

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A Parent’s Survival Guide to Revision and Exams #Parenting #Stress

A parent's survival guide to revision and examsOn Monday 14th May the Secondary School GCSEs begin here in the UK. I’ve blogged about this very topic twice when my sons sat their exams, and now the time has arrived for my daughter to do the same.

I’m not blogging about the stress and strain on our youngsters as they study hard, worrying about the process, and pondering on their fragile future, no, this post is aimed at the thousands of parents and guardians who have to live in the same house as their teenagers! Yes, I’m sharing it once again. A parent’s survival guide to exams and revision.

Everything has changed. The world is a very different place for our sixteen-year-old and, of course, your teen will never believe that you were also sixteen once. They truly believe you were born in your forties! I hope the…

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