Reblog: Last chance to vote for your favorite blog. PLUS~No cat? No blog… #BloggersBash #MondayBlogs #humor

Barb Taub

Why do people blog?

I can promise it’s not the money. But I do know most bloggers put an insane amount of time and talent and plain great writing into their posts. This is the one time a year when you can thank them in the way that counts most. And it’s really easy. All you do is send really obscene amounts of moneyOr any of the brothers HemsworthOr reasonably good chocolate? Vote… That’s it. You can vote for your favorite blogger right here.

But hurry, please, because you only have until midnight today (30 April) to let your bloggers know how much you appreciate them.

[Full disclosure: I am beyond flattered to have my blog nominated, and I’d love you to send Daniel Craig climbing out of the ocean right over to… I mean VOTE! Here. It only takes a second and…

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