What This Book Taught Me About My Creative Life #BookReview The Toymakers #SundayBlogShare #Writer

Lucy Mitchell

Some books come into your life for a reason. I can’t remember how I came to buy this book on my Kindle. It wasn’t a book I went searching for. One day last week it sort of appeared. I know this sounds like I have been eating too much sugar again or I am in the middle of a hormonal imbalance, but I believe this book found me because I needed to read it.

After devouring this book I felt different. Within the book there is a valuable message which has offered me some assistance to my writer’s life.

This book, The Toymakers, by Robert Dinsdale, is a wonderful tale. It’s been described as the ‘Narnia for adults,’ and I guarantee it will take you on a journey.

If you allow it, this story will whisk you back to your childhood when toys came alive, when Christmas was…

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