Smorgsbord Blog Magazine – Esme’s Party Piece – Forecast and Herbal assistance.

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I was looking for something to add a little mystery and colour to the blog, and whilst I have been known to read palms, the crystal ball and the cards (yes my mother claimed gypsy ancestry), I have never got to grips with astrology except as a spectator.

Then I remembered by old friend Esme.. not her real name but one I rather like…. who used to amuse and astound us, with her party piece of telling fortunes based on the characteristics of our zodiac sign. She had been interested in astrology from an early age but one day discovered a flair for interpreting the signs in a different way.

I approached her in the hopes that she might contribute to the blog by providing fortnightly posts with a forecast for each sign.. She agreed provided I did not use her real name (she is an eminent scientist) and…

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