All change, everybody off!

The Bingergread Cottage

The latest bulletin from our home-hospital is that Badger and I are going to have to shift bedrooms. This means my study will disappear to accommodate two double beds as I don’t dare share one with him anymore.

The problem is that he talks, roars, kicks, punches and swears in his sleep. This has got worse with the cancer (fairly obviously) as he is showing the fear he doesn’t when awake. Up til now, I have made a game of it, deciding where he is and who talking to and heading him off at the pass.

Example – he is shouting and swearing at someone about not mooring their ship in a particular place. No worries, been at sea, can play this game – Sorry, Chief, my fault. I should have told you that the other ship radioed in that she was stuck in Holland.

Simples! He swears a bit…

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