Tax-Time Shredding

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In Canada you only have to keep you tax records for six years. (used to be seven) So as we approached this years deadline out came the tax receipt boxes from under the bed to be dusted off and opened up and contents perused.

I do feel sorry for the boxes, only allowed out once a year, but we scrutinise them (and their contents) with terrifying intensity over a very short period of time, so perhaps they’re not so hardly-done-by. They then returned from whence they came to rest and recover until next year.

Having realised the wondrous six-year record keeping limit, my shredding for this year was doubled.

Remember who was sharing the cupboard with my sewing machine? When I hauled it out and told it the ‘good news’ it promptly fainted.

After a restorative thimble of oil it rose to the task admirably, and…

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