New and old

The Bingergread Cottage

This is one of my first entries concerning nursing my husband through his terminal cancer but don’t run away, it will be honest but not sad (often funny if it is like our usual life).

I have dedicated my life at the moment to seeing him out happy. That is basically – no matter how long or short a time he has left, we will do what makes him glad. He has always liked the Mediterranean Sea and loves the Bon Repos Campsite in Santa Susanna, Spain.    We have been faithful clients for 20 years to the point when a disaster hits us, I can ring and get “Oh sure, Elise, no problem. come on over.” (even when my request is out of their normal rules)!

I coped with his diagnosis by coming down with pneumonia, bronchitis and worsening ME (chronic fatigue syndrome) which doesn’t make me a brilliant co-driver!

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