Blogging, birthdays and great expectations…

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

The western skyline glowed gold against the stark silhouettes of evening. Another day had flown by, taking with it any chance of catching up after my temporary defection. A day filled with a seemingly endless filling of forms and necessary admin that wrecked my writing wrist and allowed me to get nothing else done. By nine o’clock, dusk was closing in, I was ready for bed, yet had a full day’s work ahead of me… and it was never going to happen.

It was about this time that WordPress decided to wish my blog a happy birthday. It is seven years since I first created the Echo, and for the last five of them, I have posted pretty much every day.

The first year was decidedly poor… a couple of posts, but a whole six views! Even a couple from people I didn’t know! The next year, I wrote a…

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