New life from old…

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

So much has happened over the past few days that I am at a loss where to begin. It started with the drive north through a land sprung to life and colour. A day’s warmth and winter had been banished. Trees, whose skeletal branches had laced the iron clouds, were unfurling their first leaves.

Every garden had daffodils, buds with hints of colour and bushes barely restraining themselves from  bursting into bloom. Wildflowers dotted the hedgerows and grassy banks, revealing themselves in beauty… even the bluebells were beginning to open…. and the fields were starting to turn, dusted with gold.

I stopped, close to my destination, for a walk in the woods to stretch my legs after the long drive. You could feel the awakening of the earth… see the beauty in a system that, from the decay of old summers, grows leaves to shade small and fragile creatures from…

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