What My Blogging Break Taught Me #SundayBlogShare #Bloggers #Blogs


This week I am taking a little break from book reviews. I am exhausted after reading a lot of great romance novels and if I am honest I don’t know how the serious book bloggers keep going. Reviewing books is exhausting, especially romance novels, which send your emotions into a tailspin.

I am also missing my blog and I have a lot of creative stuff to get off my chest so you all need to brace yourselves…

Taking a blogging break taught me a few things. So, I thought I would share.

  • A blogging break made me realise I have a lot of old content which is sat around not doing anything. I didn’t realise how much content I had until I stopped writing new stuff. As I wanted to keep my blog alive I spent the first few days of my blogging break tidying up my old blog posts…

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