Crafting in Paradise – Fabric artist and writer, Barbara Williamson

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Buddha’s Garden – Fibre Art by Barbara Williamson.

Blossoms against blue skies
Swaying on summer breezes
Sweets scents of Spring
Earth awakens

Barbara Williamson

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I was introduced to Barbara Williamson, the author of this poem, by her friend and co-author, Anne Copeland. Anne was recently a guest on this blog, writing about their book, Artful Alchemy. When I looked at Barbara’s website, I fell in love with the way she uses colour, painting with fabrics and a tangible joy.

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Barbara is an award-winning artist living in Paradise, California and there is a sense of paradise in the landscapes she creates. “My love in design is landscapes,” she writes, “but I also work with animal spirit and goddess images as well as other images I consider to be spiritual.”

Lilies of the Pantanal art quilt by Barbara Williamson

“People often ask me what draws me…

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