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Here is a snippet from the latest post from Paul Andruss on his own blog… I hope you will head over and enjoy the rest… bring some spring and birdsong into your life..

I heard the first cuckoo* today. Its onomatopoeic call signalling Sumer is Icumin In*.

Despite the weather, it lifted my heart and cast me back to the first time I heard Frederick Delius.

The LP, as they were in those days, was a collection of Delius’ short works for orchestra. I had no idea what to expect. Anything I suppose, except waves of unadulterated emotion effortlessly making the eyes mist and filling the heart with an irrepressible longing for the type of languid summer days found only in the idylls of imagination.

In the opening piece ‘On hearing the First Cuckoo in Spring’ an oboe echoes a cuckoo calling over a languid wash of strings…

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