Medicines and Side Effects

Stevie Turner

A friend of mine is on the waiting list for a minor operation under general anaesthetic.  She, like myself and many others, experienced the horrible ‘flu germ back in February/March, and was left with a cough and blocked nose.  To try and rectify these problems she visited her GP for some decongestants.  She was given a nasal spray on repeat prescription which contained Phenylephrine, plus some decongestant tablets.

When the date for her minor op came around approximately 6 weeks’ later she was still using the nasal spray, but the anaesthetist and consultant decided to postpone the op as her airways were still inflamed and she also had hypertension (high blood pressure).  She was given a lecture on reducing blood pressure, and then decided to go to a high street pharmacy and try some different decongestants as the ones given by the GP were obviously not working.

My friend found…

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