Guest Post – The Foolishness of Love, by Jim Webster.

Stevie Turner

I’m pleased to feature Jim Webster’s short story ‘The Foolishness of Love’ today.  You can find more stories by Jim on his Tallis Steelyard blog:

The foolishness of love.

Have you noticed how there are some men who seem to be fated to be a sad disappointment to their wives yet if they behaved as their wife seems to demand, then they’d end up divorced in short order?

It was the intriguing story of Caster Jessip which reminded me of this truth. Caster was a peddler. He dealt in frills and furbelows, gimcrack jewellery and the off-cuts of machine-made lace which he passed off as perfect for edging and finishing.

He’d started life as the youngest son of peasant farmer on a small farm south of Port Naain. He had soon realised that all life held in store for him was backbreaking toil and no reward. So he’d borrowed some…

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