#Blogtour – Jim Webster with a new book and a new story

Robbie's inspiration

Michael and I are absolutely delighted to welcome talented author Jim Webster to Robbies Inspiration today. Jim has provided a wonderful story about a delicious fruit cake for the blog and I can tell you that it is a real treat.

The Bogat Street Gates

The surname, Gates, is not an uncommon one in Port Naain; everybody will know at least three families with this surname. Hence it is a commonly practiced expedient to attach the location of the family home to the name, so you can tell the various families apart.

So the heroes of our story are the Bogat Street Gates, because they dwell, obviously enough, in Bogat Street. This is one of those small streets which the inhabitants like to think form part of the Merchant Quarter, but which the city fathers petulantly include in Ropewalk.

Mrs Telmia Gates was never a patron of mine, but when…

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