The pleasure of your company is requested… #BloggersBash

Barb Taub

My invite hasn’t shown up yet either, but… my hat is ready!

As you know, there’s an incredible, star-filled, not-to-be-missed event happening in London on Saturday, 19th May.

Has your invitation arrived? Not to worry (probably just some glitch with the mails), but we have it right here, followed by a very special request below.

I am thrilled, excited, and SO very grateful to be nominated for an award in this year’s Bloggers Bash. But each of my beloved readers already hangs this award every time you click on one of my posts.

So what I’d really like each of you to do is to check out my hilarious and brilliant fellow nominees. If you’ve already seen their blogs, please give them your votes. If they are new to you, please check out their sites.

And above all, please support these amazing, talented, and creative bloggers by voting for them here. It…

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