Panic in the dressing room…

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

It’s been one of those days where you’re glad when its done;
The glacial warehouse had opened at one
I had gone for my costume, that still didn’t fit,
And I stood while she pulled, tucked and pinned it a bit.

I’d ordered it months ago, thinking ahead,
No panic, this April, be ready instead…
But last minute mayhem once more has ensued
And if she can’t sort out the sewing…I’m screwed.

The pattern, you see, had ignored that I’m small,
I’m vertically challenged, a bit under-tall…
The bodice, therefore, was not much to my taste
With the neckline descending too close to my waist.

The waistline itself sat quite well…on my hips!
“Hold steady,” she said through the pins in her lips,
“I don’t understand, it is really quite strange.
Can you still move your arms? No? I’ll just rearrange…”

The bodice moved north, which was all well and…

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