Luminescent: Moon Writing

Alienora's Anthology
Moon-writings merged…
So beautiful was the Moon that night; photo after photo I took on my mobile phone. At one point, as the huge orb emerged from cloud, it looked just like the Eye of Horus; at another, with sweeping tails of colour flaring and flaming behind, it resembled a fiery sky dragon.
Luminescent. Magical.

I was entranced.

The next morning, I, like the butterfly in a classic haiku, am fragile and over-full: Three streams of emotional water meeting and pouring into the source. I hurt. All over. Physically, mentally, emotionally.

That I am alive to, and living through, the current Full Moon energies, I do not doubt, having, since I was tiny, responded intimately to the lunar phases – and, in the days before I knew the links, weeping or growling in a void of painful mystery and deep loneliness.

That it is easy? I will not lie…

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