Typcas – An App Every Blogger Should Try Out

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Did you know that blog posts containing images are 70% more likely to get clicked on and read?

One of the first things I learned about blogging was that every blog post should contain at least one image. There’s something about images that keep readers interested in reading your posts, especially when the post is very long. Splitting the text up with images is one of the best things you can do to keep the reader’s interest and keep them coming back.

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Last year, I was approached by the lovely folks behind an app called ‘Typcas’ and offered a free version to try out. I’ve been testing out the app for nearly six months, and many of my recent blog posts contain images I created using the app. You’ll see some of them scattered around this post.

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Typcas gives you the choice of choosing an image from your own photo library, the photo library…

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