Busy doing nothing…

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

Half ten at night and I still don’t have a post ready for morning. I’ve been sitting at the desk for far too long, with minor excursions to feed me, the fish and the dog… not necessarily in that order… and walk at least two of us. Briefly. ‘Walk’ is, after all, a four letter word. Especially at the moment.

The day did not start well. The pills I had put off taking did not kick in until stupid o’clock… and then I managed to ignore all three alarms, only waking when the sun crested the horizon. I leapt out of bed in a panic and was instantly reminded of why I’d taken the pills in the first place.

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“I thought that was a bit daft,” said my son a little while later, sipping his morning concoction and watching as I climbed Everest. I groaned and tried to haul myself…

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